Plastic Surgery Calgary vs. Cosmetic surgery

The world today that we live in has become very superficial. It’s the physical beauty of the person that matters more than the nature of the person or how the personal things. Hence today be it females or even males for that matter are concentrating more on looking physically beautiful. In a country like India, where arranged marriages are very common, you will see guys and girls will see each other’s photo and if they like the person, then a meeting would be scheduled for them to meet up. Further, even when you check out the matrimonial pages you will see the requirements for a beautiful good-looking girl or smart-looking handsome guy. This leads to the application of make-up, which has become the most common thing nowadays. No one wants to move out without a ton of make-up applied on the face, even if it’s while going to the gym. We are constantly going to colors for the perfect look when it comes to dressing up for an occasion and other than that always trying to look as perfectly beautiful as possible. Mainly females have now started taking this to another level by having plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery done. Procedures such as Tummy Tuck in Calgary are rising in popularity.

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Difference between Calgary Plastic and Calgary Cosmetic Surgery

Most of us do know what is plastic or cosmetic surgery? However, for the people who don’t know – Plastic surgery is a specialized branch of surgery and there is another subset of plastic surgery, which is called cosmetic surgery. They are both almost the same thing — the only difference between the two is the difference in why those surgeries need to be done. Cosmetic surgery is when plastic surgery is done to fix areas on the body, which function properly, however, lacks aesthetic appeal. While on the other hand, plastic surgery is committed to the restoration of body parts or even facial parts that have been caused due to injury, trauma, diseases, burns, and for that matter even birth defects. There are hospitals all over where plastic surgery is conducted such as plastic surgery Calgary and other cities in Canada aesthetics. PlasticSpot is a company that operates in cities around the world like Calgary. PlasticSpot connects you to plastic surgeons across these locations. Cosmetic surgery is similarly performed all around the world including in Calgary as well.

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Let’s discuss some key differences between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. The techniques along with the procedures in cosmetic surgery are more focused on enhancing the physical appearance of a person. The important thing to understand and remember is that when it comes to cosmetic surgery, the place of surgery or the area that is being treated is functioning fine and it’s only the physical enhancement of the area that is taking place. In other words, it could be the proportion or the symmetry or some other visual appeal of the area that needs a change or enhancement. While in the case of plastic surgery, it is more of being able to build or working on fixing the non-functioning parts of the body. The examples of cosmetic surgery are as follows –

  • Breast Enhancement
  • Facial Contouring
  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Body Contouring
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Tummy Tuck

The examples of plastic surgery are as follows –

  • Botox
  • Lip Fillers
  • Lower Extremity Reconstruction
  • Congenital Defect Repair: Defect Repair, Extremity, Cleft Palate
  • Burn Repair Surgery
  • Breast Reconstruction

Training and Certification: Plastic surgery vs. Cosmetic surgery

As far as the training goes, the training level is more advanced when it comes to cosmetic surgery. So plastic surgeons can choose to complete the additional training, which is required to become a cosmetic surgeon. So while the plastic surgeon has only one part of the training dedicated to cosmetic surgery; the training for a cosmetic surgeon has all parts dedicated to cosmetic surgery techniques. On similar lines, while a plastic surgeon has to just complete 150 cosmetic surgery procedures; on the other hand, a cosmetic surgeon has to complete about 300 procedures so that they can sit for the certification exam.

To add on to the training period that is required for the relevant certifications, as far as plastic surgeons are concerned they are expected to complete one of the following two ways of training –

  • A combined residency program that pools three years of general surgery along with three years of plastic surgery.
  • A five-year independent residency in general surgery, which is further followed by a three-year residency in plastic surgery.

Only one of the above two options have been completed, they receive the title of “board-certified plastic surgeon”. However, this training and certification, it is applicable only to a plastic surgeon. When it comes to a cosmetic surgeon, there is a different level of training that needs to be taken care of. In the case of a cosmetic surgeon, the number of surgeries with respect to the cosmetic aspect needs to be more. Hence what cosmetic surgeons need to obtain additional training and experience post the residency program or training has been completed. This also indicates that for an individual to become a board-certified cosmetic surgeon there is another level of specialization required above and beyond the current knowledge and specialization.

For every cosmetic surgeon, to be certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, the individuals need to have completed at least 1-year of fellowship training exclusively and only in cosmetic surgery. While undergoing the fellowship training the surgeons obtain in-depth training for all procedures in cosmetic surgery, e.g., the different procedures of the face, breast, and body, along with additional non-surgical cosmetic treatments that can be performed. At the end of this training, the individual should have completed about 300 different cosmetic procedures. The fellowship training is done in addition to completing a 3-5 year residency program in a discipline related to cosmetic surgery, such as plastic surgery. Popular cosmetic procedures in Canada are botox in Vancouver and lip fillers in Vancouver. Booking through PlasticSpot can protect you against botched procedures as all practitioners are vetted by professionals.


At the end of the day, it’s important, especially when you are considering getting cosmetic surgery done, we do our research correctly. As per the legalities that are involved, any licensed physician, irrespective of how they have received their cosmetic training, are allowed to carry out cosmetic procedures. While making the final choice for the cosmetic surgeon, you might want to compare all aspects of the training and the residency that the doctor has completed, along with the experience that they have in the same. Also if you can check and see how many cosmetic surgeries he has completed, it would add to the experience that they have in the same.

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