Fishes All Around The World

Fishes are the aquatic animals which have gills to breathe, they do not have limbs. Fishes make a group and tunicates they all together they form the olfactores. Fishes are the most beautiful creature on this planet they can only stay in the water and respire through their gills. Many people fish at their home so they make an aquarium so that they can keep those fishes in that, and can put it as a show peace to make their house even more beautiful.

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Types of fishes-

  • Siamese fish – It is also known as splendens. This fish has the classification of betta, they are basically they are the aquarium fish, they belong to a gourami family. The special feature about this that they can mingle with another sort of fishes. The lifespan of siamese fish is only 2 years.
  • Common crap – it is also known as cyprinuscario. This fish is classified as cyprinus, its weight is 2 to 14 kgs. These are basically found in freshwater lakes like Lake Mohave, gorge reservoir and many more places. The best part about this fish is that it can live ion low oxygen place. Common crap can live up to 47 years.
  • Goldfish – It is also known as Carassius auratus. This fish is classified as carassius, these are basically found in Utah Lake. It is basically the aquarium fish, the height of goldfish is 19 inches. The best part about these fishes is they possess the ability to learn social skills and even at the very fast rate. They rely upon the plants and insects, and these fish can lay eggs between 48 to 72 hours. The lifespan of goldfish is near about 30 years.
  • Oscar – it is also known as astronotusoscellatus. These fishes are classified under the astronauts, this fish commonly known as tiger Oscar, and velvet cichlid. These are basically aquarium fish and are found in Australia, South America, China, and United States. The weight of Oscar fish is 1.4 kg and its length is 36cm. the best part about them is that they grow quickly and they are carnivore’s fishes. The lifespan of Oscar is 10 to 13 years.
  • Wel catfish – it is also known as silurusglanis. These fishes are classified under silurus, these are basically found in Lake Constance. The weight of wel catfish is 400 kg and the size is 13 feet, they are also found in those places where there are freshwater lakes like basins of the black, Caspian and Baltic Sea. They rely on other aquatic animals, and their lifespan is 60 years.
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Children are fishing all around the world.

There are plenty of fishes which are of different classification, size, weight, lifespan, etc. it is really very interesting to know about different kinds of fishes and their adaptations. Even we all know that the fishes are very rich in protein like salmon, trout, sardines, tuna, mackerel, etc. and there are many more proteins which individual can get by the consumption of fish. These proteins help in building the perfect body and it helps in the growth of height, eyesight and in many more ways.

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