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The fishing website is an official website where one can get all the details, advice and any information related to fishing. We started off in 1997 in New Zealand to channelize and provide a professional market to the world’s foremost striped marlin and yellow kingfish fisheries. Along with we are aware that snapper, kingfish, tarakihi, trevally, blue rod, John Dory, gurnard, hapuku and bass, trout and salmon. The availability of a wide variety of fishes has led to the attraction of various international visitors and therefore an online information portal on the subject is absolutely helpful. Any kind of fishing question can be answered by the fishing website and its forums.  The website was created to cater to the needs of people seeking recreational advice on angling in New Zealand. Almost one million New Zealanders likes fishing for about more than twice a year and our website provide all the essential information regarding fishing.

You can find separate sections on the website of fishing advice where we provide fishing advice, tips, hints, and information. Experts provide the techniques and information on how to accomplish fishing to improve the catch rate. A summary of major sportfish species of New Zealand can also be found on the website. We also provide reviews on boats and it can be checked out the trade a boat database available online on the fishing website. The section of how to catch provides detailed information on how to catch fishes of a particular type as different fishes can be caught with a totally different technique than the other one. Regular fishing reports and other updates from various parts of New Zealand and Pacific Islands are provided. You can be notified with a real-time report which can be provided to you via an e-mail.

You can stay updated with the latest news related to fishing, outdoor and marine. The update of various products and services can be viewed which can help the visitors get an idea about the products and decide if they want to buy it or not. With the help of The Fishing Website, one can go through a range of articles which sheds light on various destinations that are favorable for fishing and can be the best destinations for fishing which can satisfy all the needs of a fishing enthusiast.

New Zealand has the world’s leading striped marlin and yellowfish kingfish fisheries. Australia is one of the largest fishing zones around the world. There is a popular sport of fishing played in Australia for recreational activity and has over 5 million recreational fishers. Pacific Islands offers great hospitality and fishing as well. The customer feedback given to us can be seen on our website under the gallery section. To enjoy diving, hunting and outdoors in New Zealand, the Fishing Website provides a huge range of articles which are provided by us which can be consulted to experience great water adventures.

Our website is the leading fishing website when it comes to traffic and quality content and we experienced around 3.5 million visits in 2014.